Media mixing tool

Play DJ with this impressive audio/visual mixing program.

ClubDJ ProVJ provides tools for mixing audio and visual files like a DJ. With its impressive layout and simple operation, this fun program only suffers from its save-option flaw.

The program's interface demanded we visit the Help file tutorial. Although it looked professionally designed, its command buttons and options were unfamiliar. Fortunately, our confusion was quickly erased, and we were soon building a collection of audio and video files for mixing. The program allows you to drag and drop songs and films between two "Decks" for mixing. The individual decks adjusted the speed, pitch, and volume of each song or video, and you can add special effects like echo and delay. Melding both pieces together was as simple as clicking the "Mix" button. When two audio tracks were mixed, we thought the results were a little smoother than adding audio to a video, since it was hard to sync each up properly. We were disappointed by the program's apparent lack of a Save button. Nothing jumped out onscreen or in the instructions about saving our work. The program's special features made us happy by offering a bank of clapping, laughing, and cheering sound files to add. This program made the art of DJ mixing feel easy, though we wished we could figure out how to save files.

ClubDJ ProVJ shuts down after 25 minutes during its trial. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Though we wanted the ability to save files, this program was still fun, and we recommend it.

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