MP3 customizer

Adjust the quality of MP3s with this simple program.

MP3 Quality Modifier provides a simple set of tools for improve the sound or shrink the size of MP3 files. With fast results and easy-to-use controls that appeal to all skill levels, this program constantly pleases.

MP3 Quality Modifier's interface is impressively simple to operate, and we never felt confused by its commands. Its intuitive design and a selection of command icons make it a snap for users of any skill level to construct the perfect file size. You can select an individual MP3 or several MP3s at once. The onscreen options let you perfectly adjust the quality of your file. You can adjust bit rate, frequency, and stereo quality, though these features will probably appeal to more advanced users. However, novices can also benefit from MP3 Quality Modifier, since there's a default adjustment option that lets you choose between High Quality, Low Quality, and Portable Quality settings, and it adjusts all the elements automatically. The program converted a song in only a matter of seconds and maintained the original's content. MP3 Quality Modifier is light on special features, though we appreciate how it showcases the amount of space lost or added by each MP3 after it's converted. Overall, this is a great program for dialing in your MP3s to perfection.

MP3 Quality Modifier is freeware. It comes as a compressed file. Its excellent layout and ability to appeal to newcomers and experts alike make it a program we recommend.

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