Video conversion options

Prepare to be frustrated with this program.

GOM Video Converter, as its name entails, converts video files into other formats supported by various electronic devices.

The list of formats this converter offers is large. You can find options for Apple, Android, Windows, and many other popular gadgets. As soon as you start up GOM, it asks you to set the output format for the work you plan to do, and then all you have to do is add a file to convert and begin the conversion process. At the point where you have to add a file, however, is where the issues start. No matter what file we tried to add, GOM would always end up crashing for us. We never got a chance to even test out how long it takes to convert a video because this simply did not work. The program's Help page offered some troubleshooting for when a file won't be added to GOM, but it didn't say anything about the whole application just ceasing to work and shutting down. Other than this, we can't say much else about this video converter, since we couldn't make it very far into the features. There aren't that many other features offered, but the overall design and layout of it is simple and relatively easy to navigate. We just wish that it worked.

The download and installation process was slightly difficult, just because there were some unfamiliar steps and options. Maybe understanding those better would have helped solve the issue here.

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