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Watch video and listen to radio from around the globe with this program.

FDRLab's anyTV Pro provides an impressive array of media. While it gives access to online entertainment from around the globe, the unexpected appearance of off-color content may cause concern.

The program's interface is incredibly simple to operate, breaking down its commands into intuitive icons. It's much like an MP3 player or movie viewer, except with a long, scrollable list of stations offering an array of television, radio, and video. Each station offers hundreds of choices, ranging from home shopping to sports, news, and entertainment. The wide range of choices might be confusing since some entries don't describe the type of programming. However, the television picture it produced was clear, though a little jerky and delayed. The radio's audio quality was similar, clear but a little jerky. Videos played smoothly since they're not streamed live. We did encounter a serious problem with one TV station marked "Business" that actually featured pornographic material. After that, it was hard to trust the program's categories, and it raised concerns about inappropriate content, especially on a family PC. The program is light on features, but does offer a way to sort stations by home country. While it may not be appropriate for families, anyTV is still a fascinating way to peek into other cultures around the globe.

The software is limited to a 5-day trial period. While its adult content limits its appeal, anyTV Pro is a great way to bring the world to your desktop, and we recommend it.

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