Song merger

Chop or fuse mp3s with this exciting tool.

Cutter Joiner provides a simple way to dice or merge a song file for easier consumption. We were surprised to discover how easy both processes were and how useful this could be for music fans.

The program's interface was surprisingly simple, considering the technical work required. While we did need to visit the Help file's instructions, all the visual aids quickly helped us feel comfortable. Focus MP3 Cutter operates much like a standard MP3/media player; for example, it uses a sliding bar to adjust the time of the selected tune. Using it, we were able to listen to our song, stop the slider at the appropriate point, and cut the file into pieces, just like that. The MP3 maintained its quality throughout its separate pieces. This feature seemed especially useful for long files, like an entire concert recording. Cutter Joiner also works in reverse: It can join together several songs into one long MP3. It's easy to gather the songs together, and the program joins them in a matter of minutes. We also like the ability to add fade-ins and fade-outs to your music files. Cutter Joiner's only real special feature is the onscreen equalizer, which would be nice for serious sound fanatics but probably not a big deal to most users. In the end, this program impressed us with its useful features and highly functional tools.

Focus MP3 Cutter Joiner has a trial limit of three cuts and three joins. Its simplicity and excellent results earn our recommendation.

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