Simple media player

Play any media with this elegant program.

Haihaisoft Universal Player is a mouthful of a name for a simple program that will play practically any type of media file. With a user-friendly layout and excellent results, we were well-pleased with this free player.

The program's interface is exceptionally easy to navigate, thanks to its well-labeled command icons. Its familiar design mimicked other video and music players we've tested, so we never needed to consult the Help file's instructions. The player impressed us with its ability to jump quickly and seamlessly from media type to media type. We opened various video, audio, and photo file types without any trouble. We threw various file formats at the player, ranging from WMV, MP3, JPEG, and more, and never encountered a snag. The sound was always crisp, and the video and still images were clear. The program also includes a special Library feature for organizing your media so you don't need to pull the files from your hard drive each time you access them. This isn't a unique feature; Windows 7 has a Library feature, and many other players offer something similar, but this one works well and helps you stay organized. Haihaisoft Universal Player is simple and versatile and exactly what you need to manage your media.

Haihaisoft Universal Player is a free program. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Its ability to play various media files easily makes this a program we recommend.

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