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Avoid this problematic music finder.

Amphony's iGetMusic offers an alternative for free, legal song downloads. However, the idea is better than the actual program, which is full of tedious work that fails to impress.

The program's interface looks very professional, and there's a detailed Help file. Because of all the manual input it requires, however, we never felt comfortable with iGetMusic. Things got off to a bad start when the program required a total realigning of our Internet browser's proxy settings just to move on to the second step of downloading. This also needed a great deal of entering and reentering settings, since most didn't work right at first. Once this is done, you can narrow down your search by cycling through a humongous list of artists and music types. We began to realize that this is program is basically the digital equivalent of holding a tape recorder to a boombox speaker since it expects you to record these online stations for your favorite songs. This is tedious and requires way too much time and effort. What's more, there's still another complex process to manage, its MP3 conversion feature. Because the program records in the practically useless M4A format, you pretty much need to convert everything into MP3 just to listen to it. Everything about iGetMusic is drawn out and klutzy, and it never felt worth all the effort to get free, legal music.

There's a five-song trial limit to iGetMusic. By requiring way too much work, this program failed, and we don't recommend it.

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