Excellent recording device

Record anything with this simple home studio.

Sonarca Sound Recorder Free provides a very basic set of tools for making home recordings. Its ultrasimple controls and foolproof results make this a great tool for making MP3s from scratch.

The program's interface was the first indication this program would be easy to operate. Not only did it scale back the commands until they were no more complex than a VCR remote control, but its excellent Help file troubleshooting guide helped us get our computer and microphone calibrated (this program required a microphone, either internal or external, to function). The recording process was actually the dullest aspect of this shimmering program. We pressed Record, spoke into the microphone, and hit Stop when we were finished: nothing fancy. The result was a fairly clear recording, considering we used a cheap microphone. The program saved our recording automatically and made a playable MP3, which removed any guesswork from the process. We were disappointed there were no features like level indicators or an ability to record multiple tracks like its competition Garage Band offers. However, this was a simple and effective recording tool and felt much like a digital version of a handheld tape recorder. It was perfect for someone who wanted a simple recording, but probably not right for musicians making a record.

Sonarca Sound Recorder Free is a free program. While it doesn't offer any frills, it is a great basic recording device, and we recommend it.

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