This browser makes a splash

With tabbed browsing and a straightforward interface, Dolphin Browser is our pick on Android--for now.

Alternative browsing on your Android phone? Sure, you've got a choice. Opera Mini (version 4.2) and Dolphin Browser are two free browsers you can use to replace Google's default. Yet with tabbed browsing and a straightforward interface, Dolphin is our pick. At least until Opera Mini 5 enters the Android Market, leaves beta, and brings Speed Dial and tabbed browsing to its app, along with the ability to download apps. Dolphin Browser isn't without its own tricks. In addition to being able to open multiple Web pages in the browser, Dolphin supports gestures, like tracing a "z" on the screen with your finger to close a tab. You can also search a page for content within, mark a page to read later, subscribe to an RSS feed, and share a link via various outputs, including social networks like Twitter.
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