Quick file converter

Change file types in a hurry with this simple program.

Moo0 Image Type Converter provides a simple set of tools for changing a digital picture's file type in a matter of seconds. Its sharply focused functionality makes this program a big success.

The program's interface instantly impressed us with its simplicity. We were able to understand the ins and outs of this program within seconds and never felt lost or uncomfortable. We were able to convert our files into jpeg, bmp, gif, png, or icon types using a simple pull-down menu. To convert our file we only needed to drag an image into the converter's main screen. The file conversion happened in a matter of seconds. Our new image retained all of the original's content and clarity but with a new file type. This tool is a great way to convert images when time is of the essence, since you can do a lot with it in a short time. The program also offered a feature that lets you adjust your new file's clarity, which is a great way to monitor the size of the image and make sure it's still clear without getting too big to use. This is a great tool for image file conversion, and we were pleased with every aspect of its operation.

Moo0 Image Type Converter is a free program. It leaves Start Menu items and folders behind after uninstalling.

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