Difficult photo tool

Create 3D pictures with this slightly confusing program.

You can create 3D images without any special camera equipment with i3d Photo. Unfortunately, its design never let us find a comfort zone that made it feel it was worth all the effort it takes to use it.

The program's interface is a mixed bag. The excellent layout breaks a complex task down into a short series of user-friendly command buttons. However, the program's online tutorial is pretty vague, and we had to do a lot of learning for ourselves. The end product was supposed to look like a 3D movie when you aren't wearing 3D glasses: multicolored and slightly blurry. This requires you to create something called a "Stereo Image" in which a single photo is divided into two mirror images. The program layers the photos one on top of the other to create the three-dimensional image. However, the resulting image didn't look like the examples it provides. It was hardly blurred and didn't seem like it would appear to be three-dimensional in 3D glasses. We attempted to alter the image using the program's cropping and color-adjustment features, but we still didn't find it satisfactory. The program left us feeling unsuccessful and unsure on how to make a proper 3D photo.

This is a free program. It installs desktop icons without permission. While its layout looked promising, we were unable to successfully create a 3D picture. We do not recommend i3d Photo.

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