Document-sharing tool

Save space on e-mail by using this program instead of sending attachments.

Zapr offers to help you share documents and data without having to use slow-moving e-mail attachments. The program's simplicity and accessibility make it a gem for those who share documents regularly.

Zapr's interface is clearly labeled and its commands familiar and easy to operate. We were able to hit the ground running and never needed to look at the Help file's instructions. The program lets you select any document from your hard drive and assign it a Web link. This took mere moments and operated much like creating and saving a new document. We were pleased to see that no data or imagery was lost in the transfer. The program also offered a smart feature that lets you protect your data with a password, thus keeping sensitive information confidential to outside eyes. Zapr is smooth and usable and feels like it would save you a great deal of headaches in the long run. It seems ideal for attaching large documents that can be slow to send or too big to open.

Zapr is freeware. Its ease of use and practicality give it the ability to save you time, and it makes this a highly recommended program.

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