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Use this program to send attachments in e-mail.

YouSendit Microsoft Office add-on claims to help speed the process of e-mailing documents. Though the program is incredibly easy to use, its trial limits kept us from really putting it to the test.

The program's interface reminded us of e-mail setups found with Gmail, Hotmail, and others. Help file instructions were unnecessary since its mimicry of e-mail made its layout very intuitive. However, we were never convinced that it offered a better way to send attachments than through your regular e-mail account. It's easy to use: inserting delivery e-mail addresses, creating subjects, adding messages, and including attachments are all very simple. However, the program soon began to disappoint. The trial version of the software limits you to one file attachment, so we were unable to test its speed with large amounts of data. And though it sent our single document in a matter of seconds, its delivery was also disappointing. The e-mail arrived quickly, but instead of opening the attachment directly, we had to click a link and go to a Web site to retrieve our document. These added steps really soured us on YouSendit. It has a few notable features, such as delivery confirmation and password protection, though you have to pay extra for them. In the end, we couldn't tell if it was faster than e-mailing attachments.

YouSendit Microsoft Office add-on contains the previously mentioned trial limit. It comes as a compressed file. Its inability to prove itself better than traditional e-mail limits its appeal.

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