Civilizing game

Create your own empire with this fun simulation.

Catan - Cities and Knights offers all of the challenge of the original board game with several exciting digital twists. This program's simple operation and surprising elements kept us engaged throughout.

The game's interface was a pleasure to operate, thanks to its layout and professional graphics. We never felt confused while playing; excellent tutorials are included that teach you the ropes. The game's objectives are reminiscent of the highly successful Age of Empires series, which revolved around building a medieval civilization from the ground up. You start off with a small village, collecting local supplies based on dice rolls in order to build yourself up, all while trading and competing with rival towns. Eventually the stakes rise to controlling armies and pirates, all with simple mouse clicks, until one victorious community dominates the landscape. The gameplay is basic but still manages to be addictive, which was a pleasant surprise. The program also provides an exciting feature that lets you compete against online opponents. This is a great way to keep the play challenging. Overall, this game is well designed and fun to play.

Catan - Cities and Knights has a seven-victory point trial limit. It installs desktop icons without permission. Its fun layout and challenging play make it a program we recommend.

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