Hazzardous poker

Duke 'em out in Texas Holdem with this easy poker game.

NowStat Texas Holdem Poker is a simple but strange game of five-card draw. Its basic play and easy opponents make it a great game for new players, but it might disappoint experienced card handlers. Unless, of course, they're Jessica Simpson fans.

The program's interface is simple to operate but very odd to view. There's a nice poker tutorial that runs through the rules, and all the command buttons were easy to understand. However, the game's theme is based on the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie and features one of the film's stars, Jessica Simpson, who plays Daisy Duke, often scantily clad in her namesake outfits. The game uses a simple set of buttons for betting, calling, and folding. Our opponent was an easily defeated Daisy Duke, and each time she lost her money we unlocked a new deck of Daisy-centric cards. We found that the more cards we unlocked, the better an opponent she became, but she was still cautious and predictable. The program offers no special features, but we obviously would have liked an ability to adjust the skill level. While the game's design feels slightly misguided, its simple play and beatable opponent made this a great learning tool for new poker players.

NowStat Texas Holdem Poker is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission. While its "Dukes of Hazzard" theme proved distracting, its a great game for learning, and we recommend it.

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