Too basic tunes

Play music but not much more with this uninspiring media player.

Eufony Free Audio Player provides a simple device for listening to MP3s. While it sounds fine and functions well, we were unimpressed with this program's unoriginal layout and features.

We had a bad feeling about this program from the beginning as its interface looks more like a file-tree window than a media player. It's not difficult to operate, it's just that we expect more from a player than it delivers. We were able to scroll through our digital music collection via the program's onscreen file tree and cherry-pick songs or select entire albums to play. The controls are very basic, limited to simple Play, Stop, and Loop functions. Frankly, the player works exactly as promised, but we were left wanting more because it doesn't improve upon most other ordinary media players, such as the one that came with our computer. The music sounded crisp and clear coming from our speakers, but nearly all players do as well with the same types of files. Another disappointment was that it offers little extra beyond the ability to alter bit rate to accommodate different digital audio standards, which, for a special feature, is actually pretty standard itself. In a pinch, this player would be fine, but we've tested other free audio players with more personality and features and better-looking skins.

Eufony Free Audio Player is a free player. It installs desktop icons without permission. While it functions well and sounds fine, there are better, more easy-to-use options available, and we can't recommend it.

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