Almost word processor

This attractive word processor seems fatally flawed.

Here's yet another simple word processing program, iText for Windows. It's designed in the classic Apple Computers style, with a clean and simple look. It boasts a wide variety of built-in fonts and other settings. You can even perform standard word-processing tasks with it.

This program's design is simple and efficient, with an aesthetically pleasing interface that is easy to navigate. You can change its color, which is a fun feature and a nice touch. All of its major functions are readily accessible via drop-down windows or buttons at the bottom of the interface. We would recommend this free program highly were it not for one fatal flaw: We simply could not figure out how to save a document. Nothing happened when we pressed the Save button, so we tried the "Save As" button, and nothing happened then, either. We tried closing the document. A window asked us if we wanted to save it. We chose Yes, but nothing happened then, either. The program has a Help file with a User's Manual and other information, which we combed over to see if we were missing something, but we couldn't find any reason why pressing Save won't save a document to save your life. We tried iText on two different computers with the same result.

If it could save files, iText for Windows would be a fine, simple word processor. As it is, it's not much use. Whether it's buggy or just too hard to figure out, we can't recommend it.

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