A puzzler's dream

Get help with a wide variety of puzzles in this feature-packed program.

Some folks would rather not finish a crossword puzzle than look up the answer; to them, it researching an answer feels like cheating. For those who like to learn new words and don't see anything wrong with a little assistance, there's Cross+A, a feature-packed application that can help you solve just about any kind of puzzle.

Cross+A's interface is plain and somewhat utilitarian, with its 158,000-entry word list displayed in the main pane. Small icons across the top give users access to each of the program's many features. We can't even begin to list all the ways that Cross+A offers assistance. The basic crossword search lets users enter the number of letters in a word and the known letters, and Cross+A will return a list of possible matches. But that's just the beginning. The program offers description, pattern, and syllable searches, as well has help with Sudoku, Kakuro, and Hitori. Ever wonder if the digits in your phone number spell out a word? Cross+A can even tell you that! There's a fairly detailed Help file and an overview of different puzzle types. Everything seemed to work as described, too. Hardcore puzzlers will find Cross+A to be a valuable resource -- provided they're not too proud to use it!

Cross+A is free to try, but some features are disabled in the trial version. The program comes as a zip file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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