Relaxing screensaver

Enjoy a soothing spring scene on your desktop.

Ditch the drudge to meander through a beautiful woodland during a springtime shower with Spring Rain Screensaver. This attractive program transports users to a sylvan scene when their PCs are idle. Although we'd prefer more control over its animations, we like this relaxing screensaver very much.

Spring Rain Screensaver consists of a full-screen image of a creek running through woods and a gentle-falling spring rain. The movement of the water is obviously animated and not an actual video, but the effect is appealing and realistic enough. The rushing water sound effects are also of a high quality and are relaxing. The screensaver has several customizable settings: for instance, users can choose to play their own music instead of, or in addition to, the sound effects, and the speed of the animation can be adjusted. However, this feature earns one rather picky complaint: we wish that the speed of the rain and the water in the creek could be adjusted independently of one another, so that each could be configured for the most realistic effect. We were also unimpressed with the screensaver's clock feature, which seemed to display only half of the clock. Other than that, we think that Spring Rain Screensaver is a delightful choice for a pleasant, relaxing desktop treatment. It offers an instant break from the daily grind.

Spring Rain Screensaver has a seven-day trial period. It comes as a zip file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this pleasant program to all users.

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