Keep your coupons close

Get, store, and save coupons on your mobile phone.

If you're not the type of person not to say "no" to discounts, then Cellfire's mobile coupons application could help preserve your savings bit by bit. The deals include local restaurants and retail services in the U.S., as well as national chains. Many coupons have multiple offers, and Cellfire makes it easy to both text coupons to other customers and find locations nearby. Handily, you can also save coupons in a separate tab for later use. When it comes time to present the coupon, you'll simply show the mobile clipping at the register.

Unfortunately, Cellfire relies so heavily on the Internet, if you're out of data or Wi-Fi range, you're out of luck. We'd hope that Cellfire would at least store saved offers locally, but opening them up requires a page refresh. In addition, Cellfire only benefits you if your shopping habits mirror its offerings..

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