Diner divvy

Let this free, albeit visually simplistic, app control the helm of your dining charges.

There are much more visually appealing tip calculators on the market for BlackBerry, but do you really need slick graphics to execute basic computations? Save your money and let this free app control the helm of your dining charges. Nine lines of text comprise FreeTips. Your job is to enter the total bill, number of diners, either tax rate or tax amount, and the percentage you'd like to tip (FreeTips will remember your preferred tax and tips rates between sessions). The app works out the rest: the total bill with the tip included, the total tip, amount each diner owes, and the amount of tip each diner pays.

The biggest drawback to this app? The order in which FreeTips displays all four calculated sums can confuse. Highlighting the total bill and total owed amount per person would help eaters quickly determine their share of the damage, without making them ponder the significance of the total tip amount per person and for the bill, two sub-breakdowns that are ultimately irrelevant to the weight of your wallet at the end of the night.

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