A Fantastical adventure

Join Faye on her quest to rescue her daughter from the Fairy Queen.

Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child chronicles the journey of Faye as she travels a fantastical landscape seeking her daughter Lyra, who has been captured by the Fairy Queen. The game uses dreams as a motif to enhance and propel the story as it unfolds. The graphics are rich and detailed, and the game play presents a fun challenge.

Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child is challenging and engrossing. The story begins in a beautifully decorated tree house full of interesting and unusual items. Some items are clues; others are there to be used for special purposes, and some are just there to provide visual interest and intrigue. Part of the game's objective is to figure out which items are useful and which aren't. As you play, a man inside a crystal ball provides hints. These were appreciated because the game play progresses easily during most intervals but hits occasional confusing spots. However, the rich design and compelling story made us want to continue playing and persevere even when we became frustrated by a riddle. The game play is complex enough for older children and adults to enjoy, but it shouldn't be too difficult for younger children to play as well. The story and graphics convey an element of exciting mystery, but the game isn't frightening or violent.

This is a 60-minute trial version. It installs and uninstalls with no problems. If you enjoy tales with quests, fairies, and other elements of fantasy, you'll have fun with this game.

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