Armchair detective

Help rookie detective Carrie Chase solve a murder by finding clues as you play.

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion demo follows rookie detective Carrie Chase as she tries to solve the murder of a fashion designer in New York City. In each scene of the game, players help Detective Chase find items that will help solve the crime. This game is a fresh new take on games that feature a classic seek-and-find motif.

The game's interface is well designed and resembles comics and graphic novels. As you begin, Detective Chase's boss instructs her on how and where to begin. The game starts in Chase's new office, which its former occupant has left in a shambles. There's a list of items to find. It's not too difficult to locate the items, but the search becomes progressively harder as you play. Thankfully, there are hints, as well as objects that will help you with your search. The story that plays out during the course of the game is interesting and compelling enough to make you care about whodunit. Fans of police dramas will enjoy playing virtual detective in this game. Although the game's storyline centers around the murder of a fashion designer, the graphics and action aren't violent or scary. However, this game would not be appropriate for young children.

This trial version of the game limits how long you can play. It installs and uninstalls with no problems. Try your hand at virtual detective work by investigating a realistic crime with this game; you'll enjoy following the clues it offers to solve the crime.

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