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Play New York Private Eye in this pleasingly puzzling game.

Mystery P.I. -- The New York Fortune is a seek-and-find game in which you play Private Eye and help the family of an eccentric billionaire find his will by seeking clues throughout the landscape of New York City. As you find hidden items and decipher puzzles, you get closer to solving the mystery.

The game's instructions are helpful and easy to understand. New York City is rendered cartoon style in this scenario. Players seek clues in familiar Gotham landmarks, such as Central Park and Times Square. Each scene is jumbled and cluttered with items that are part of the puzzle and others that are not. Part of the game's challenge is figuring out which items are relevant to the plot. The chaotic scenes present a challenge at times, but the program offers hints if you get stuck. Once you find all the items required in each scene, you're presented with a jigsaw-style puzzle to solve. The puzzle's design makes it easy to work, but it isn't so easy that it doesn't present a bit of a challenge. The game provides options for both timed and untimed play, which is a nice feature. You can also configure the number of hints the program provides. This is a fun game for players of all ages.

This is a 60-minute trial version of the software. Mystery P.I. -- The New York Fortune installs and uninstalls with no problems. If you enjoy a good mystery, this game is a great way to play along.

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