Convenience from the convenience key

Simply click the item in QuickLaunch to place a call, play a video, compose a text, and launch an app from any screen.

QuickLaunch isn't for everyone, just for those who want to incrementally save time opening apps and media stored on their BlackBerry. One by one, you'll be able to pick out software programs, photos, a Web site, oft-used e-mail address, and so on, for which you'd like to have fast access. Press the convenience key (the right one, by default) and a list jumps up, docked to the right edge of the screen, that's populated with links to your most important content. Simply click the item in QuickLaunch to place a call, play a video, or compose a text from any screen.

Although opening content with QuickLaunch is straightforward enough, customizing it takes some previously acquired knowledge (hint, after opening the QuickLaunch tab, press the Menu button for options). It also isn't entirely clear that you can add multiple applications, Web sites, and so forth to QuickLaunch's earmarked list, so long as you do so one at a time. A few usability enhancements and adjustments will go a long way to making QuickLaunch indispensable for BlackBerry busybodies.

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