Custom calendar

Make personalized calendars with this free application.

EZ Calendar lets you design and create custom calendars using photos you choose. You can select images from your own files or use one of the program's built-in themes. You can enter custom information on dates throughout the calendar, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can customize the color of the calendar's background and grid, as well as change the font. There are 12- and 18-month calendar options, too.

The program's interface is self explanatory and easy to navigate, but there's a Help file available for those who need it. For people who just want to make a calendar quickly and aren't interested in customizing the look or using personal photos, the built-in themes offer something for most interests and tastes. There's a Pets theme that features photos of dogs and cats, and themes such as "Flowers and Plants" and "Nature Scenes." Most importantly, EZ Calendar offers the capability to enter and mark significant dates and special occasions. You can use it to create a calendar with all of the birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember, or create customized calendars for different needs or people. There's even clip art for different types of occasions, such as party hats and hearts, which you can use to mark special dates. Once you've created your calendar, you can print it or save it as a JPEG.

EZ Calendar is an easy way to make a custom calendar with no fuss. This program is free and installs and uninstalls with no problems.

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