YouTube collection manager

Build a library of YouTube and other videos with this fun application.

YouTube Video Player lets you download videos from YouTube and play them on your computer in a standalone window. You can build a library of videos with it. It displays videos in several sizes, from 50 percent to full frame. The application will also play videos saved in AVI and QuickTime formats. Once you download videos into the program, you can import them into your iTunes library or watch them right in YouTube Video Player's interface.

The possibilities for this program are many. Music lovers can collect videos of their favorite performers in concert and the studio. Movie buffs can collect clips from their favorite flicks to watch whenever they want. You can find clips of training videos online and copy them into the program to show at meetings and in classes. We tried downloading a video from YouTube, and the process was easy and went quickly. We like that YouTube Video Player lets you view video in different sizes, because at 200 percent, the video we chose was pixelated. The picture was much clearer at 100 percent. We tried a few other video formats with the program. It was able to play an AVI movie that we created with a Nikon dSLR camera, but it couldn't play a WMV file from the photo-sharing site Flickr, and it didn't work with a QuickTime video we downloaded.

This is a 10-day trial version of the software. It uninstalls and installs with no problems. There's a support Web site for tips and information.

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