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Organize, tag, and share bookmarks with this Firefox add-on.

Delicious Bookmarks is an add-on for Firefox that functions as a virtual filing cabinet for your bookmarks. If you love surfing the Internet, this tool will help you organize your bookmarks and discover new sites of interest.

Delicious Bookmarks shows its value as soon as we installed it. Since we weren't familiar with Delicious Bookmarks, we went to the About section of the product's Web site and found what we needed to get started, plus plenty of other great information. To use Delicious Bookmarks, you need an account with Delicious, which is part of Yahoo, so if you already have a Yahoo account, you can sign into Delicious and be up and running right away. A sidebar that you can open and close has a window that displays your bookmarks as you add them. You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly bookmark Web sites, or use the traditional file menu. You can assign tags to bookmarks, which helps keep things organized. Another fun feature the program offers is the ability to search for friends who also use Delicious Bookmarks. Once you locate friends on the Delicious network, you have access to all their shared bookmarks. You can adjust privacy levels if you don't want to share all your sites with others, which is a much appreciated feature.

This simple application adds a lot to your Web-surfing experience. If you want to corral your bookmarks and see what Web sites your friends are enjoying, you'll love this free Firefox add-on.

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