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Chat with visual style with friends on AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google, MySpace, and Jabber.

BeejiveIM (confusingly pronounced "beehive") is the high-end luxury chat app of the multinetwork IM world, though you may not believe it by looking. It's the priciest client to get you chatting with friends on the major multinetworks--AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google, MySpace IM, and Jabber--but it's also the one we keep returning to for seamless messaging. Floating icons in a chat window make it easy to switch among open conversations, which are also set apart in the buddy screen. Emoticons are present, as are other customizations, and a kettleful of skins to dress up the chat window. Pinging and e-mailing friends are two things you can do from the context menu, as well as e-mailing your chat history to yourself. Group chats are another communication option. File-sharing is limited to certain accounts and BlackBerry models, and BeejiveIM is missing some of the more advanced multimedia messaging services as rivals; however, the easy-on-the-eyes interface that incorporated buddy icons makes chatting with friends on all the IM networks a seamless pursuit.

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