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UberTwitter enhances the Twitter basics with some nice mobile-only tools, like taking a photo or video from the app.

Of the Twitter apps available for BlackBerry, ad-supported UberTwitter is a current favorite. Why? Not the ads, which thankfully aren't too obtrusive. UberTwitter enhances the basics of reading, tweeting, retweeting, and follower management with the ability to e-mail tweets, view trends, and easily see others' tweeted images without leaving the app. UberTwitter gets kudos for taking photos and videos from within the app. It also has the now-standard URL-shrinking option.

There's still plenty of space for growth. Having the app manage multiple Twitter accounts is on the top of our list, and support for Twitter lists, a way to download links to an internal browser, and showing the image above the tweeter's profile are also high-ranking druthers.

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