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Yelp's first version for BlackBerry is a basic first stab to get's core review-reading features on BlackBerry phones.

Yelp for BlackBerry is a first stab to get's core review-reading features on BlackBerry phones. The three-panel start screen lets you browse or search for listings, or access your recent searches. It's not especially flashy, but it did successfully help us find a lunch spot, map it using Bing (movable) maps, and scan reviews for recommended entrees. You'll be able to view photos, launch the Web site, and call the number, but not upload your own snaps while you're actually onsite. We do appreciate the new tool to map directions to a business via Google Local, though we wish we didn't have to leave the Yelp app to do it.

Contentwise, this app is read-only, with limited interaction from users. That's not so terrible, until you realize that a much more interactive version exists for the iPhone. On BlackBerry, there's currently no way to write reviews, rate others' reviews, or e-mail a listing to a friend. However, the application is undoubtedly straightforward and easy to use, and version 1.3 is now compatible with the BlackBerry's standard shortcut keys. However, those expecting to replicate the online experience, or even the iPhone experience, on the BlackBerry may be disappointed.

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