Simple daily planner

Organize your life with this easy-to-use calendar tool.

VueMinder Calendar Pro provides a set of useful if unexceptional tools to help busy people stay organized. With a simple way to set reminders and tasks, this is a helpful program with a few special features that help it stand out from the crowded field of planning calendar software.

VueMinder's interface feels familiar and simple to operate from the first moment you open it. The layout reminded us of Microsoft Outlook's calendar system, which means all the command buttons were familiar, and we never needed to consult the Help file for instructions. We were able to insert important dates and time-sensitive tasks into a month-view calendar by filling out a few simple fields. In addition, we could set priorities and color-code our events. The program's strongest point was its reminder function. You can easily set a specific date and time for an onscreen pop-up window to remind you of whatever it was you didn't want to forget. You can also customize the reminder with a sound or image. These parts all combine to make a fine if unspectacular calendar system. VueMinder comes into its own with a special feature that will email or text-message a reminder to your cell phone, which is an exciting twist on typical reminder programs. This program's main functions work well, but they weren't anything special. However, we feel its features take it to another level.

VueMinder Calendar Pro has a 30-day trial period. Since it provides adequate calendaring and excellent reminders, we definitely recommend this program.

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