Astrological helper

Thank your lucky stars for this free dose of good karma.

MB Karma Astrology and Numerology provides several tools for taking a close look at lucky numbers and astrological signs. With a simple layout and good descriptions, this is a fun tool that does its thing well, no matter what you believe about its subject matter.

This program's interface instantly impressed us with its simplicity and effectiveness. We'd tested other software by this designer that was much less intuitive and navigable, but this program's clear command icons erased any confusion. We were able to choose between five astrological and numerological options: Karmic Astrology, Zodiac Soulmate Sign, Karmic Lesson Number, Karmic Debt Number, and Zodiac Spiritual Sign. Each asks for simple personal information, such as name and birth date, before showing you the information. Each option breaks down your reading into plainspoken terms that applied the reading to your life in a concise way. The program doesn't offer any special features, which didn't bother us. However, we would have liked to see more probing questions before our reading, in order to make us feel like the details were more personalized. Regardless, this was a simple program to navigate with fun and insightful results.

MB Karma Astrology and Numerology is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstalling. With its many options and readable results, we enjoyed this program more than enough to recommend it.

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