Banner ad letdown

Avoid this amateurish banner-creating software.

Flash Banner Slideshow Maker provides a limited palate of tools for creating an online banner ad or similar display. We were disappointed with its layout and lack of professional look, and also in the quality of the final product.

The program's interface is cluttered but easy enough to navigate. We had to take our time because the program's brief three-step tutorial isn't much help in getting you started. However, we were able to build a banner with little trouble. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. While we were able to save and publish the banner easily, the banner had a cheap look that seemed unlikely to entice someone to click on it. Flash Banner Slideshow Maker's operation is partly to blame: By combining images, text, and transitions, the program feels more like you're constructing a slideshow than a slick banner suitable for a well-designed Web site. It also offers very few extra features. Other than the ability to control the timing of images on the banner. However, this feature didn't help improve the poor quality of the banner it produced. In the end, we felt like Flash Banner Slideshow Maker just doesn't make the grade.

Flash Banner Slideshow Maker leaves a watermark during trial. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. While it works, the results are so unappealing that we do not recommend this program.

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