Simplistic marketing database

Collect and store marketing data with this basic program.

Marketing Events Recordkeeping Express Edition provides a simple set of tools for organizing marketing events. While the functions are simple and easy to use, this program didn't offer enough options to land the job.

The program's interface was a snap to pick up, since it functions primarily as a form you fill in. We were never lost, and every step felt intuitive. The program's basic operation is similar filling in your name, address, and other details for an online purchase. We entered details like the name of the event, contact information, budgets, and other marketing-related nuggets to create a record. Marketing Events Recordkeeping did a nice job of capturing a snapshot of the event. However, we were unimpressed with the program's functionality after we'd saved our event. It simply saves the data in a database where it can be reopened and viewed. There's nothing remotely unique or interesting about it; in fact, you can get pretty much the same level of excitement using a spreadsheet. The sole interesting part was a feature that lets you attach documents to an entry. This would be good for guest lists, menus, and other such information. However, this little frill wasn't enough to rescue a program that's high on usability but low on functionality.

Marketing Events Recordkeeping Express Edition has a 10-data record trial limit. It comes as a compressed file. While it's simple to use, it doesn't offer enough functions to stand out, and therefore we don't recommend it.

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