BMI Calculator

Study body mass index and surface area with this serious tool.

Calculation of Body Surface Area provides a simple set of tools for calculating a body's mass and surface area. While it's easy to use, it requires expert medical or anatomical understanding to fully interpret the results.

The program's interface is simple to operate, with basic controls and layout. We particularly like that the program displays both metric and non-metric units of measure. However, it lacks a Help file, which we certainly needed to interpret its complex results. Moving the program's slider tool dials in the selected body's weight and height. The program quickly calculates the Body Mass Index (BMI) and displays a reading. You can choose between seven different Surface Area of the Body formulas to get BMI results quickly, but there's no information on the differences between formulas. The program provides no way of interpreting what these numbers means in layman's terms, which is certainly frustrating if you're trying to put it to good use. There are no special features, though obviously a small dictionary or thesaurus or some kind of reference is called for. Overall, the program is smooth but requires too much prior knowledge, which makes it a great tool for professionals, like physicians or dietitians, but limits its broader appeal.

Calculation of Body Surface Area is freeware, and it comes as a compressed file.

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