Positive energy book

Learn how to better your life through positive thinking with this e-book.

The Law of Attraction provides tips and instruction for improving your life through the art of positive energy. This short, basic ebook is an interesting take on the self-help concept.

The program's interface is a breeze to follow since it's just a short, 25-page PDF e-book. The author never uses obscure language, and the topics are organized logically. It offers a brief introduction into the Law of Attraction, which basically boils down to utilizing positive vibrations and ridding yourself of negative ones to improve your attitude. The remaining pages do a fine job of describing how the Law of Attraction works, how one can utilize it, and even reasons why the Law may not work for some people. We were able to follow the premise clearly but felt that skeptics of new-age spiritualism probably won't get much from it. If you're open to new and different ideas, however, the concept could really sink in. Like most e-books, the program had no special features, but we would have appreciated better images since the program seems to randomly insert clipart, which can become distracting. On the whole, we felt this was a solid electronic book for improving your attitude toward life.

The Law of Attraction is freeware. While it won't convince skeptics, this is a great choice for open-minded self-help fans, and we recommend it for them.

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