Stress bester

Throw the book at stress with this free guide.

Stress Management Guide provides insight and help into dealing with a stressful life. The program's simplicity is equally its best aspect and its weakest element.

The program's interface is simple to master, since it's just a PDF e-book. The text is written in a language that was light on jargon and very informal. The book covers the signs and symptoms of stress. The bulk of the book focused on how to deal with stress and rid your life of it. However, sound advice, such as getting 20-30 minutes of daily exercise, is overshadowed by less professional sounding advice, such as "smile more often." Not surprisingly, this program offers no special features, but we would have appreciated more diagrams and charts to clarify many points. Though we felt much of the advice was simply common sense, this program is a good introduction to the causes and hazards of stress.

Stress Management Guide is freeware. While we wish the writing had taken a more professional tone, the information it conveys offers a good introduction to dealing with stress, and we recommend this e-book.

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