Meditation ebook

Learn meditation with this simple and helpful electronic book.

Meditation Techniques Guide provides a basic set of instructions and information for studying or practicing the art of meditation. Written for the novice, these easy-to-follow directions will help anyone interested in these simple and relaxing practices.

The program's interface is simple to navigate since it's in the form of a 60-page e-book in PDF format. The text is written in a plain, understandable language, though there were a few typographical errors. We love that the book's introductory chapters address skeptics of meditation. The book's arguments were sound and convincing and acted as a great segue into the meditation techniques it teaches. The bulk of the book describes various meditation practices and how they can benefit your life. Even though we'd never meditated before, the book definitely made us want to slow down our lives and focus our thinking. The program has no special features, which isn't an issue since it's typical of most e-books, though some illustrations or diagrams would have been a nice touch. Overall, this is a great introduction to meditation for newcomers.

Meditation Techniques Guide is freeware.

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