Debts the pitch

Take a brief look at this e-book, but do your homework to settle your debts.

Debt Settlement offers some advice on handling your debts and dealing with creditors. While this e-book isn't difficult to understand, it never felt like essential reading. The information it offers seems solid enough, but it's too brief, and it doesn't offer anything you couldn't find just as easily online. There's a definite slant to its advice, too.

The program's functions are easy to operate, and its layout is simple: just a single PDF page, but it's disappointingly brief. The document itself is written in layman's terms and was never hard to understand, though it was fairly redundant. Reading this brief document gave the impression that it was written by the marketing division of a debt consolidation company, since it constantly suggests that dealing with such a company is your best option for addressing your debts. On top of that, none of the information is anything you couldn't find in about 10 seconds of online research. Since it's only a single page long and a PDF document, we weren't surprised that it had no special features, or any features at all, for that matter.

Debt Settlement is free software, which certainly doesn't hurt those with debts to settle. It comes as a compressed file. This program is too short on details and too long on not-so-gentle persuasion for us to recommend it.

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