Ignore this disorganized piano tutor.

Piano Education Studio offers to help users learn to play the piano. While it's certainly possible to do that with this program, its confusing layout and lack of direction will frustrate most users.

The program's interface was our first indication that this would not be a smooth ride. The graphic design was gray and sparse, and its lack of a Help file or instructions left us constantly guessing. This would be especially problematic for those operating a MIDI keyboard, since it gives no instructions on how to sync one up. The basic program lets you choose a song from its collection and then watch the onscreen keyboard light up each note for you to follow. The list of songs doesn't have titles, just numbers, so you never know what song you're learning, which is frustrating. You can adjust the speed of the song as well as start and stop it, which is useful for learning. However, we were hoping for tutorials on piano basics, such as learning notes and how to form chords, but got none of that. The program's only special feature is the ability to loop a song so you can practice it over and over again. However, Piano Education Studio's sparse options left us feeling it would never help a novice take up the instrument.

Piano Education Studio claims it has limited trial functionality, though we didn't discover any. This program was directionless, and it never felt like a solid learning tool. We do not recommend it.

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