Impressive Koran reader

Read and listen to the Koran in 45 different languages.

Mfarhanonline Quran provides an impressive set of tools for reading and listening to an electronic edition of Islam's holy book. With an incredible selection of languages and options, this is a great tool for anyone studying and practicing Islam.

This e-book program's interface was simple to run through and understand. With all commands and options clearly labeled, we never felt lost or confused as we made our way through this work. You can choose from an impressive list of 45 languages. While we can't comment on the quality of the other translations, the English version was grammatically correct and easy to follow. The book's basic function is simple and effective. You can easily scroll through the entire contents. The prayers and stories are written side-by-side in English and Arabic. While this is helpful, the program really shines with its special features. One lets you hit a Play button and listen to the text on the page. Another offers a search option for finding a specific word or phrase within the Koran. These two options take this from a simple e-book to another level.

Mfarhanonline Quran is a free program. Its ability to present this text in many languages and its fantastic features make this a great choice, and we highly recommend it.

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