Intuitive invoicing program

Making attractive invoices is a breeze with this simple program.

Reviewing GT Invoice Maker was daunting up front. The vast majority of invoicing programs are cluttered, confusing, and much more frustrating than necessary. GT Invoice Maker, however, turned out to be a breath of fresh air.

At first glance, the program's interface looks a little cluttered, with a multitude of labeled boxes representing each field of the invoice. The program's built-in Help file is brief, and we'd have liked a bit more detail about some of the features, but GT Invoice Maker is so intuitive to use that it wasn't a major drawback. After a few moments, it all made perfect sense. The first thing you do is configure GT Invoice Maker by adding items and sales representatives and adjusting the tax rate. Next, you can edit the invoice template, a process that involves the included NeoNotebookDBPro Report Designer. The process is incredibly simple and mostly just entailed selecting items from dropdown menus and entering a bit of text. We inserted our own logo and tinkered a bit with the format. In no time at all, we'd created an invoice. The print preview displayed an attractive, professional-looking document ready to send to customers. Overall, we found this program easy to learn and use, and we think it's a great choice for small businesses that need good-looking invoices without a lot of fuss.

GT Invoice Maker has a 15-day trial period. It comes as a ZIP file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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