Intuitive image converter

Turn images into PDF files with this easy-to-use program.

Advanced Batch Image to PDF Converter is an easy-to-use tool that converts images into PDF files. It's not the most beautiful or sophisticated program, but it works well, offering just the right number of features.

The program's interface is plain but intuitive, with each step of the process helpfully numbered. You select the images to convert, choose the output directory, and select document properties and image scaling. The program quickly converts the selected images to PDFs and stores them in the designated directory. We liked that users can choose portrait or landscape orientation, and we found it especially helpful that the program will convert each image into its own PDF or compile all of the images in one file. Advanced Batch Image to PDF Converter is versatile enough to offer some useful customization, but doesn't bog you down with pointless features. The Help file, which naturally comes as a PDF, is brief but adequate. Overall, we found Advanced Batch Image to PDF Converter easy and effective to use, although we wish the file selection process allowed you to choose individual files and not just a directory. Users will need to organize the file or files they wish to convert in their own directory before beginning the conversion process.

Advanced Batch Image to PDF Converter is free to try, but the trial version scales images to 10 percent or 20 percent of their original size. The program installs desktop icons without asking, but it uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users.

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