Mediocre screensaver

The bunnies just aren't that cute in this unimpressive program.

There was some excitement about trying 3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver. We like bunnies, and it sounded like it might be cute. Unfortunately, this program didn't quite live up to expectations. Although this screensaver is somewhat entertaining, the mediocre graphics really undermine its quality.

The first strike against this screensaver was the terrible interface to the program's options and settings. Although 3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits functions well enough, and all its commands are pretty basic and fairly easy to understand, the interface is a cluttered mess of italics and exclamation points, an immediate turn-off. We did like that the program lets you customize things a bit. Users can control the number of rabbits, their size, and whether they track muddy paw prints across the screen. You can also select the current screen, wallpaper, or random images as the screensaver's background. Sadly, the bunnies just weren't that cute. In fact, they looked kind of creepy and pixilated, like they'd been created by someone who hadn't fully mastered the art of computer animation. The online Help file provides basic instructions. Although some of the visual effects were cool, overall this screensaver failed to impress.

The slightly unsettling 3D Desktop Bunny Rabbits Screen Saver has a 14-day trial period. The program installs politely but leaves a desktop icon and folder behind upon removal.

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