Well-designed toolbar

Enjoy Pinoy-specific media with this specialized toolbar.

Pinoy Radio Toolbar is a useful browser add-on that gives users access to Philippine radio, news, and more. The toolbar contains both fun and practical features and is also easy to customize.

We tested Pinoy Radio Toolbar in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it worked well in both. True to its name, the toolbar contains access to tons of radio stations, both Philippine and international. The stations we tried connected quickly and played without issues. The toolbar also contains a search box that utilizes Conduit, which is powered by Google; we didn't like wading through all the "sponsored" results that appeared before the actual search results, but this otherwise worked fine. Other features include links to news outlets from the Philippines, USA, and U.K., access to Flash-based games, and Meebo-powered chat. The toolbar also contains an e-mail notifier and browser maintenance tools such as a cleaner to delete cookies, search history, and cache. We liked that the toolbar is relatively customizable, allowing users to add and delete components of their choosing. Everything about the toolbar worked well and it was quite intuitive; there's no Help file, but we didn't miss it. Although the program ultimately doesn't contain anything that couldn't be added to other toolbars, we liked that it was Pinoy-specific, allowing Pinoy users to have relevant media available all in one place.

Pinoy Radio Toolbar is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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