Jargon-filled business planning

Plan sales goals with this wordy program.

Quick MBA is a set of Excel worksheets geared toward entrepreneurs who need help with business planning. The program is rife with business jargon and is obviously geared toward users who appreciate this style of planning; some users may find it too formal for their needs.

Although the program is an Excel workbook, the creators did a nice job of making it look like more than a glorified spreadsheet. We liked that the program's setup is relatively simple, with an interactive dialogue that helps users choose the appropriate business model and set goals accordingly. A "sales funnel" helps users visualize the business process from the general public to confirmed paying customers. There's a lot of talk of prospects, contacts, appointments, and so on; an online Help file explains all of the terminology, but it still might be a bit much for users who don't have a formal background in business-speak. The program includes utilities for daily business activity tracking and monthly reports, allowing entrepreneurs to use their actual business data and compare it to their planned goals. Overall, we feel that this program is a good choice for users who are already familiar with the concepts presented in the program, but other users may find it overwhelming and confusing.

Quick MBA is free, but users must pay to enable copy, paste, and print capabilities and to eliminate a nag screen. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to intermediate and advanced users.

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