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Digital picture resizing, quick, easy, and best of all, free.

Digital camera owners will love's Image Resizer, a tiny, efficient bit of freeware that resizes your digital images, converts JPEG, GIF, and BMP formats from any one to the other, rotates images, performs grayscale conversions, and does a few more simple tasks related to getting your digital pics into the right size, orientation, and image quality for whatever you want to use them for: posting online, saving in a scrapbook, printing them out as snapshots, or emailing to friends and relatives.

At 363KB, Image Resizer is about as small a bit of software as you'll encounter in the Age of Vista, and smaller than most of the images it wrangles. It downloads very quickly, and it installs and opens virtually instantaneously. The interface is quite simple and strongly resembles a properties dialog; just a menu bar, a file explorer sidebar, three rows of tabs, and a window for displaying the tabbed selection. Configurable options include image basics like size and quality and program options like language, of which there is an extensive list, beginning with English and Slovenian, developer Miha Psenica's native tongue. As noted, Image Resizer is free, but you have the option to donate to Miha via PayPal.

Even if have fancy graphics software, Image Resizer makes a lot of sense because it's so quick and easy to use -- which usually means you'll use it more often. A swift, svelte tool like Image Resizer will have you snapping new pics before you're done with the bigware's Help file.

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