Farm frenzy

Help Anna save the family farm in this hectic time management game.

FarmMania is a hectic time management game in which Anna must help her grandfather save the family farm. By raising produce and livestock and producing other goods, all while racing against the clock, users help Anna earn enough money to make the farm a profitable venture.

The program's graphics are cartoon-style and not particularly impressive, but they're not bad for what they are, and overall the game is fairly attractive. Users start off by planting vegetables, which must be watered, weeded, harvested, and sent into town to be sold. As players advance the game becomes more complex, with in-game instructions that help users understand each new task. While Anna is tending the crops, feeding and watering an assortment of animals, sheering sheep, collecting eggs, and taking grain to the mill, users also have to make sure that Grandpa is drawing enough water from the well and harvesting grain and clover to feed an ever-increasing menagerie of animals. Selling goods produced on the farm earns money that players can use to purchase more livestock, better equipment, and other capital improvements that can increase the farm's efficiency. Although in the beginning we found the game to be a bit dull, once the pace picked up, we had trouble pulling ourselves away. FarmMania is a fun and challenging game that's appropriate for both kids and adults.

FarmMania has a 60-minute trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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