Multifeatured text editor

Enjoy a flexible text-editing experience, if you can figure out this program's features.

Text Master is a basic text editor that offers a few more features than similar programs like Microsoft's Notepad. Although Text Master is not a full-fledged word processor, it's a nice, slightly more powerful alternative to other text editors.

Like most programs of this type, the interface is plain and fairly sparse, with a couple rows of small buttons across the top representing its major features. Not all of these were easily recognizable, so we were grateful for mouse-over tool tips. For the most part, the program was easy to use, at least when it came to its basic features; we could specify a font and background color, use the find-and-replace function, and so on. We especially like that the program provides an analysis function, allowing users to see a word count and other characteristics of their text. Although the fact that the program provides more-advanced features is one of the things that we like about it, not all of them make sense, and the program's lack of Help file makes matters worse. We turned on the program's KeyPress Simulator, for example, and couldn't figure out what it was for or how to turn it off. Some of the program's potentially useful filtering features were similarly unclear. This is a shame, because we feel that Text Master has the potential to meet the needs of users who desire a more powerful text editor, if only it explained itself a little better.

Text Master is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users; although not all of its features are clear, it still offers more flexibility than the average text editor.

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